Máme víťazov Portfolio review 2012

1. Jan Brykczynski, he is going to have an exhibition during Month of Photography 2013
2. Katerina Mistal, Marjan Krebelj
3. Wim de Schamphelaere, David Rojas


Portfólio Review je jednou z najobľúbenejších sprievodných akcií bratislavského festivalu Mesiac fotografie. Vynikajúca príležitosť pre začínajúcich a pokročilých fotografov na prezentáciu tvorby pred dôležitými osobnosťami z fotografickej scény: fotografi, kurátori, teoretici, historici, kritici, novinári, galeristi, zberatelia, vydavatelia alebo organizátori festivalov fotografie. Všetci títo odborníci poskytnú nielen hodnodnú radu, ale zároveň sú aj skutočnou pomocou v oblasti profesionálnej kariéry.

Najlepší účastník portfólia review dostane možnosť vystavovať svoje práce na fetsivale Mesiac fotografie 2013. Jednou z festivalovej časti Mesiac fotografie 2012 bude výstava víťaza Portfólio Review 2011, Erica Stephaniana.

Rezervácie sú limitované iba pre 90 návštevníkov..

Pozvanie na na bratislavské Portfólio Review prijali Louise Clements (UK), riaditeľ medzinárodného festivalu fotografie Format, Rainer Iglar (A), kurátor galérie Fotohof Salzburg, Mihály Surányi (HU) riaditeľ a kurátor Nessim Gallery v Budapešti, Thomas Licek (A) výkonný riaditeľ festivalu Mesiac fotografie vo Viedni, Anna Tellgren (S) kurátorka Moderna Museet v Štokholme, Moritz Neumüller (ES/AT) nezávislý kurátor z Barcelony, Erik Vroons (NL) redaktor medzinárodného fotografického žurnálu GUP z Amstredamu a mnoho ďalších...


Registrujte sa na: veronika.pastekova@gmail.com, kde dostanete registračný formulár. Všetky ďalšie informácie budú dostupné na www.sedf.sk alebo pomocou e-mailu. Registračný poplatok za 2 konzultačné dni je 55 EUR a musí byť uhradený vopred.

Portfólio Review koordinátor Mgr. Veronika Paštékova


1.Katarzyna Borucka (PL)
Owner of Lookout Gallery (www.lookoutgallery.pl) specializing in contemporary photography, Warsaw, Poland
How can she help the participant?
She searches for young photo talents and if she finds some she can consider organizing an exhibition in her gallery and promotion of the artists/works.

2. Louise Clements(UK)

Artistic Director of QUAD and FORMAT International Photography Festival, Derby, UK. Curator and photography writer
How can she help to the participant?
She is keen to see photographers who are interested to discuss ideas and open to see work at any stage of project development. Interested in anything from documentary, photo-journalism, archive, photo/cross artform installation and contemporary/narrative photography, including film and performance. She is less interested to see travel, commercial, advertising, stock unless they fit into the above. 
During the review she can offer critique on creative practice and advice on strategies for the promotion of work and conceptual project development ideas for exhibition in gallery or public space. During the review process photographers can expect supportive discussion on their projects and if relevant, referrals and suggestions for venues or avenues for progression. In exceptional cases she can offer opportunities to exhibit or participate in QUAD/FORMAT programmes including residencies, participatory and other projects. However nothing will not be offered during the reviews, but will be followed up on after the event if appropriate.

3. Jens Friis (Denmark)

Assistant Director & Curator, Museet for Fotokunst, Brandts, Odense, Denmark
Editor-in-chief, KATALOG – Journal of Photography & Video
www.brandts.dk and www.FotoTriennale.dk
How can he help to the participant?
Jens Friis is interested in all shapes of photographic and visual media arts - however, he
has no interest in fashion, travel, illustration or stock photography. He will discuss your
work and can give you advice on how to develop as an artist. He may facilitate publication
in the magazine KATALOG, an exhibition in the Museet for Fotokunst and/or participation
in future FotoTriennale.dk festivals.

4. Eva Marlene Hodek (CZ)


Independent Curator, Critic and Advisor
How can she help to the participants?
She can advise the participants on matters of presentation of their art work in galleries, at
festivals, competitions and art fairs. She can also provide the opportunity of promoting and
exhibiting interesting artists’work in galleries and other fine art or cultural institutions in the
Czech Republic.


5. Rainer Iglar (A)

Curator and Editor at Fotohof Salzburg
How can he help to the participant?
He is interested to see and discuss portfolios with regard to learn and give feedback for developing exhibitions and photobook projects.

6. Mihály Surányi (HU)

Gallery Director and Curator – Nessim Gallery, Budapest
How can he help to the participant?
He is always looking for new projects and brave artists on the field of
photography. He is ready to help to amend to focus the series, to suggest
international galleries to contact and gives advices for the most effective way of
the presentation. He is working with several galleries and institutions in Europe
and in the Middle-East.

7. Thomas Licek (A)

Managing Director of Eyes On – Month of Photography Vienna.
How can he help to the participant?
Thomas Licek is interested in seeing contemporary work made by young or emerging photographers. Eyes On is held every two years in November and promotes exhibitions in museums, galleries, and art spaces across the city. In 2010 more than 200 photo exhibitions have been on view at over a 150 venues.

8. Anna Tellgren (S)
Curator of Photography at Moderna Museet in Stockholm
How can she help to th participant?
She is interested to see photographicprojects by emerging photographers and artists as well as more establishedphotographers. She can give response to work in progress and have experience fromworking with exhibitions and the collection of photography at Moderna Museet.

9. Jan-Erik Lundström (S)
He has consultations on Friday afternoon and whole Saturday

Curator, critic and historian of photography; chairman of Center of Photography in Stockholm, Sweden; director of Contemporary Art Center in Karasjok, Norway.
How can he help to the participant?
He can offer the possible involvement in any of his projects - exhibitions, articles, etc - as well as recommendations to other projects/institutions.

10. Moritz Neumüller (ES/AT)

Independent Curator, Barcelona / Vienna
How can he help to the participant?
He is interested in seeing contemporary work made by young or emerging photographers and video makers from around the world, especially documentary, social and conceptual work, for exhibition and projects.

11 Erik Vroons (NL)

Chief Editor of international photography magazine GUP - based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands - and also works as a freelance writer/curator>
How can he help to the participant?
He can help to recognize your own qualities as a photographer and guide towards a more specified direction (building further on a project or work towards exhibition and/or publication).

12. Walter Bergmoser (DE)
He has consultations only on Saturday

Photographer and professor for photography, Chung-ang University, Seoul, South Korea, chief curator for the daegu bienal (www.daeguphoto.com) asias biggest fotofestival 
How can he help to the participant?
He is consultant of the images and he recommends artwork for exhibitions.

13. Petra Cepková (SK)
Academy of Fine Art and Design, Bratislava, Slovakia
How can she help to the participant? 
She is consultant of photographies and she recommend new and inovative images for exhibitions.

14. Natalia Tarasova, (Ru)

The curator of the project in Support of Photography in Russia Project, Iris Foundation,
Moscow. She is an editor of art catalogues and books and assiatant professor
in photography art department of Moscow State University of Culture and Arts. 
How can she help to the participant?
She can recommend works for exhibitions and publications. 

15. Judita Csáderová (SK)
The Union of Professional Photographers, Bratislava, Slovakia
How can she help to the participant?
With photographers, we can discuss their further development. With advanced photographers, it can be interesting to exchange opinions and look for possibilities of their photographs presentations.

16. Michaela Bosáková (SK)
Project assistent/freelance curator
Central European House of Photography, Bratislava, Slovakia
How can she help to the participant? 
She can offer photographers contacts to galleries and possibilities to exhibit their work.

17. Irina Tchmyreva (RU)
She is not at portfolio review on Saturday morning

Senior researcher of photography in Department of Russian Art of XX c. in State Research National Institute of Art History, Russian Academy of Fine Arts, Moscow, Russia
How can she help to the participant? 
She writes articles to Russian and international photo-magazines (for example, review of Bratislava festival with mention of the most interesting artists from portfolio review), texts for solo-portfpolio publications of artists; she has connection with a book publishing program in Russia and can invite artists into the program of festival PhotoVisa in Krasnodar, Russia.

18. Yevgenyi Berezner (RU)
He is not at portfolio review on Saturday afternoon
Deputy Director in Photographic Projects at ROSIZO State Centre for Museums &
Exhibitions of Ministry of Culture of Russia.
How can he help to the participant?
He can recommend works for exhibitions and publications.

19. Honza Vojtek (CZ)

Photographer, photography lecturer and founder of THEditions gallery, Prague, Czech republic
How can he help to the participant?
He can help you organize your portfolio and advise its development. And most importantly - if he likes your work, he can release it in collectible limited edition 
for more information see www.theditions.com

. Regina Maria Anzenberger (A)  
Photographer’s agent and gallery owner, AnzenbergerAgency, AnzenbergerGallery, Vienna, Austria.
How can she help to the participant?
She is representing photographers for worldwide editorial market (features and concepts) and exhibiting work in her photography gallery. She is also a member of the Nominating Comittee of the Joop Swart Masterclass and of the Prix Pictet.

21. Katarzyna Majak (Pl)

Member of editorial board at Kwartalnik Fotografia (www.fotografia.net.pl), a PhD candidate in photography at Poznan Academy of Fine Arts. Mostly interested in fresh finished projects to write about, and for curatorial ideas.
How can she help to the participant?
She can give him / her a possibility of having participants' work published by Kwartalnik Fotografia. discussion and advice on participants' development, collecting projects for curatorial ideas.

22. Roberto Muffoletto (USA)
Director of the VASA Project. He earned his MFA at the Visual Studies Workshop (SUNY Buffalo) and his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He was the founder and director of CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY (USA). 
How can he help to the participant?
To provide some thoughts on their work and what appears to be a direction they can pursue.
He is also interested in seeing good work to include in the VASA e-Bookstore as e-portfolios.


23. Krzysztof Jurecki (PL)
Historian of photography and free-lance curator collaborated with Wozownia Gallery in Torun.
How can she help to the participant?
He is curator of photographic shows in Poland and critic in Polish-English magazine "Exit" (http://www.exit.art.pl/).

24. Dejan Sluga (Slovenia)
He doesnt have reviews on Saturday afternoon
Director, program coordinator and curator of Photon Gallery
director of Photonic Moments / Month of Photography festival in Ljubljana
How can he help to the participant?

Offers opinion, advice and suggestions to work and career of photographers

25. Pavlína Vogelová (Czech Republic) 

Programme adviser / curator in The Moravian Gallery in Brno - photography, film, contemporary art
How can she help to the participant?
Recommendation for exhibitions, presentation in special cycle Fototime and Videotime in Moravian Gallery in Brno.

26. Markus Hippmann (AT)

photographer, teacher for photography and head of Fotoschule Wien, founder of the photo gallery FotoQuartier Wien (www.fotoquartier.at)
How can he help the participant?
He can offer critical feedback, advice on participants’ works and exchange of opinions. 
He can recommend works for a possible presentation in Vienna.

27. Susanne Gamauf (Au)
Chair of Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna – curator - artist
How can she help to the participant?
She´s always looking for young talents and thematics Fotogalerie Wien will focus on in the future.
She likes to share her experiances with others; as reviewer she has a good and critical eye on strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of someone´s works

28. Maira Dudareva (Latvia)

Curator and head of Latvian Museum of Photography 
How can she help to the participant?
She can provide premises for the exhibition in Latvian Museum of Photography and other places.

29. Gigliola Foschi (Italy)
Free lance curator, collaborator with art gallery. Member of the Milan Image Art fair 
How can she help to the participant?
She can offer critical feedback and advice on participants’ works. She can provide opportunities to promote artist’s work to the magazine Gente di Fotografia and also in group or solo exhibitions in Italy.

30. Gabriella Csizek (HU)

Curator, Hungarian House of Photography - Mai Manó House, Budapest

How can she help to the participant?

She is mostly interested in the work of young photographers, including and encompassing all genres, even up to the extremes. She is captivated by material that interprets a topic or a concept through the personality of the individual photographer, be it documentarist or autonomous photography.
She collaborates with artists in putting together, selecting, and editing their photographs for exhibitions, albums, or books. She is of great assistance in giving advice or raising and finding answers to questions that may come up during a review session.
Series that grab her attention and appeal to her may later be selected and incorporated in exhibitions and volumes that she organizes or edits in Budapest, Hungary or throughout Europe.
She is the concept-project manager, editor, and curator of Present Continuous, the exhibition and catalog series of the Hungarian House of Photography.


31. Patrick Keough (USA)


Photographer, teacher, VASA faculty 
How can he help to the participant?
He can guide photographers in developing a strong portfolio for professional use and for exhibitions.

32. Joanna Vasdeki (Greek / Czech)

She doesnt have consultations on Friday afternoon
Writer, curator, educator (Long Room gallery, Greece, www.fotograficus.gr)
How can she help the participant?
First of all, she can provide advice to improving a photographer's portfolio but she's also looking
for new talents as well as accomplished artists to show at the gallery or present on her photography

33. Roman Bezjak (D / SLO)

He doesnt have consultations on Friday afternoon

Former  editorial-photographer, today professor for photography and artist, University of Applied Sciences, Bielefeld, Germany
How can he help to the participant?
Mostly interested in documentary photography in the field of editorial- and art-work.
He is also a member of the Nominating Comittee of the Joop Swart Masterclass.

34. Ilona Braun (AT/GB)

Project assistent at the photo gallery FotoQuartier Wien (www.fotoquartier.at)
How can she help the participant?
She can offer critical feedback, advice on participants’ works and exchange of opinions. 
She can recommend works for a possible presentation in Vienna.

35. Krzysztof Candrowicz (PL)

He is on portfolio revew only on Satrurday

Founder and director of Lodz Art Center and Foundation of Visual Education (Lodz, Poland)
How can he help to the participant? 
He is interested in viewing work of international interest, particularly creative photography, documentary projects and new interdisciplinary approaches to the medium. He is not, however, interested in viewing nude, landscapes, flowers or glamour photography. He can offer opportunities of exhibitions, slide-shows and professional feedback about the projects.